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Vol.4 has been selected in the BPFF program for 2016

Just teasing you currently….I was looking at the rushes last night and due to the crazy busy shoot days we had, I’d completely forgotten about a bunch  of sexy stuff we captured. Namely Laney’s peeing in the river and milk drinking scenes. We also did a beautiful naked yoga scene and a three-way Girl-Girl-Girl scene […]

Don’t worry I’m editing a vlog today, but to keep you entertained heres a few BTS and sexy shots to keep you going. I love these women. Kenji   Chloe B Nora your head is way better to look at than mine, however we have merged into one weird person here. soz.



February 23rd, 2013 by lightsoutherncinema

ok, I just poured myself a vodka, cos its gonna be a big one. I have been so busy lately, I hardly know which way is forward. Luckily I have a keen sense of direction and that sense always leads me to the beautiful women, what can I say? On Friday I spent the day […]

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