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Momentum, Vol. 2 COMPLETE

June 9th, 2015 by lightsoutherncinema

Chloe B Australia

After 3 months in Post-Production Momentum Vol.2 is finally on it’s way to the USA and Germany! We are really proud of it, it’s a solid piece of work and piece in the Momentum puzzle and I can’t wait for you to watch it. Now Momentum Vol.3 is in the cutting room and looking like […]

Hi folks! Momentum, Volume.1 is set to be released May 21 in the states through the legends @ Pure Play Media. The Momentum series have so far exceeded all expectations, bringing Lightsouthern to a new level of kick ass. We are in Pre-Production for Volume.4 – I always wanted the last as the biggest & best, it’s definitely […]

One of the first instalments from Lightsouthern’s brand new series ‘Australian Bush Adventures’, debuting on Pinklabel.TV.  Chloe B

momentum vol.1

Michelle Flynn’s first Feature Film Well, it has been a long time coming…Help US create something beautiful and meaningful… Click above to get on board!


To keep you entertained heres a few Behind the scenes plus sexy shots to keep you going. I love these women. Kenji Chloe B Nora your head is way better to look at than mine, however we have merged into one weird person here. soz.