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New York’s Kinky film festival celebrates the next edition of CineKink March 18-22nd. Super Host pt1 has been selected in the program, making it Lightsouthern’s 7th international film festival selection since 2013. Super Host pt1 stars Blake Wilde, Jake Shy, Madison Missina, Jessie Lee Pierce, Laney Day, Stevie Green, Luc Dean, Taylor, Stirling Cooper, Violet […]

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First Time On-Set?

November 18th, 2019 by lightsoutherncinema

Whether you’re making your own content, or shooting for a professional Studio. Here’s some tips to make smoother for first time performers… Never Ever, Ever, forget your Photo ID. Ever. Wear loose clothing to set You don’t need to arrive wearing your top notch Gucci get up. It’s better to wear loose fitting clothing (we […]

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Watch the full length Super Host pt1: Behind the Scenes, plus extras HERE . .