Strip Poker VR…why the fuck not!

October 6th, 2017 by lightsoutherncinema

A short while ago my buddies at thought it would be an amazing idea to shoot a Strip Poker scene in Virtual Reality, cos, you know, VR is all the rage.

Here’s a glimpse of what happened…

Poker_Backstage-0124Poker_Backstage-0145Poker_Backstage-0383Poker_Backstage-0398Poker_Backstage-0507Poker_Backstage-0513/\My personal fave/\


[wpvideo eROMnggO]

Remember how easy VR is, grab a headset, open the content on your smart phone, put the phone in the headset and you are away.

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February 03, 2019 at 1:49 pm, VR porn sex games: 3 hot things to do in virtual reality - Adult News said:

[…] the camera rigs required to shoot in virtual reality are HEAVY and BIG (as you can see in this behind-the-scenes shoot with Lightsouthern – NSFW), so if someone’s wearing it they need to stay pretty still. Much like the person […]


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