Professionalism Agreement

January 21st, 2019 by lightsoutherncinema

As a performer on a Lightsouthern set, I am entitled to the following


1a) I have the right to know who my co-performer/s will be.

1b) I have the right to know how much I am being paid and how.

1c) I have the right to understand the idea/ concept of the scene, provide feedback and raise concerns.

1d) I have the right to be aware of the duration I’ll be be on-set, and how long the actual filming will take.

1e) I have the right to know what acts I will be required to perform in the scene.

1f) I have the right to know the location the shoot will take place and who will be on-set.

1g) I have the right to inform the Director/ Producer if unsure about any request.

1h) I have the right to use safe sex barriers and to not lose the work if I choose to use condoms, dams,  gloves etc.

1i) I have the right to be informed of and review any last minute changes – I have the right to refuse changes if I don’t feel comfortable.

1j) I have the right to be informed of which online platforms the final content will be located.

1k) I have the right to refuse any sexual act I’m not comfortable with.

1l) I have the right to all the correct information regarding STI testing, so I’m fully aware of the risks involved with unprotected scenes.

1m) I have a right to be sent a copy of the release forms, so I understand what I am signing prior to the shoot.


2. ON – SET

2a) I have the right to be paid the agreed amount and in correct manner when I arrive to set.

2b) I have the right to cancel the scene at any point.

2c) I have the right to sight my co-performer/s STI results and ask any questions related to them.

2d) I have the right to conduct a pre – shoot visual health check on my co-performer/s.

2e) I have the right to shower alone before and after my scene, be provided with fresh towels, and have a space on-set to relax alone if I need it.

2f) I have the right to access a first aid kit, safe sex barriers and accessories (lube etc).

2g) I have the right to a meal (with allergy/ preference considerations) and beverages provided by Director/ Producer (shoots over 3 hours).

2h) I have the right to a safe, clean, respectful and friendly working environment.

2i) I have the right to inform the Safety Officer, Producer/ Director any Crew member of any inappropriate behaviour, or if I’m unsure about anything (even the crew themselves).

2j) I have the right to be treated by all crew in a respectful and courteous manner.

2k) I have the right to not be pressured to engage in anything that makes me feel uncomfortable.

2l) I have the right to a witnessed discussion before the scene to talk about hard limits and explicit boundaries with my co-performer.

2m) I have the right to engage in a ‘dry run’ to establish which acts I can/ cannot engage in with my co-performer, identify parts of the body that we do not consent to be touched throughout the scene, to further clarify consent and shoot limits.

2n) I have the right to my co-performer understanding that sex on camera is different to sex in real life,  that fact that we are being paid to have sex, does not give anyone a right to my body in any way, nor does it make me give up my autonomy.

2o) I have the right to vocalise my boundaries/ limits and revoke consent to sexual acts throughout the scene and prior within the ‘dry run’.

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3a) I have the right to provide the Director/ Producer feedback positive or negative as per the Fair Work Act, firstly in a verbally non-threatening manner, then secondly in writing without it hindering potential future work.

3b) I have the right to a follow-up conversation with my co-performer if I was involved in a (kink/ fetish) scene that involves aftercare.

3c) I have a right to a follow-up conversation with my co-performer if I have direct feedback  for them positive or negative. This information will be kept confidential.

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4. Performer Personal Responsibilities

4a) Arrive to set on time, ready to shoot with all requested items from Director/ Producer.

4b) Being STI tested within the time frame requested by Director/ Producer.

4c) Bring current photo ID, plus STI results to set each time.

4d) Read and sign the contract/ release forms correctly and ask questions if unsure about anything.

4e) Communicate with the Director/ Producer if I have health issues, grooming issues or personal problems pertaining to the shoot.

4d) Exercising safe words and personal limits.

4e) When in-test for a planned scene, not engage in any unsafe activity that puts my co-performer at risk.

4f) Willing to be transparent about my sexual history within the testing period to my co-performer/s.

4j) Keep any personal information I discover, completely confidential.

4k) Ask questions when I am unsure about a directive or request.

4l) Assert my personal boundaries and make them clear to my co-performers, Director/ Producer and Safety Officer.

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These actions will result in the performer being asked to leave set immediately without pay.

5a) Arriving intoxicated and/ or becoming intoxicated on-set prior to completion of filming.

5b) Engaging in any sexual/ physical acts (including showering) with anyone on set, off camera at any time.

5c) Breaching consent or sexually harass, pester or coerce anyone on-set at any stage.

5d) Gossip. Discussing other members in the industry in a derogatory way. As mentioned above if you do have concerns about someone you must talk directly to the Director/ Producer prior to the shoot.

Download a PDF of the document

lightsouthern_professionalism agreement

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