Pre-Production & the importance of full disclosure

May 23rd, 2016 by lightsoutherncinema

Ok, let’s assume that you have worked on a film set before, you know what the general flow is, you have a killer idea and you feel ready to tackle the next stage – your own production.

The first step is to contact performers and discuss dates, requirements and pay rates.

I wasn’t going to publish rates here, but in the interest in preaching full-disclosure here is a fucking-good-guide (an average of Aussie producer’s pay rates):

Couples Explicit Sex: – $700+ (regardless of gender & pairing)

Solo Masturbation: $300+ (regardless of gender)

Group NUDE only activity: $350 p/p

Mutual Masturbation: $350 p/p

*POV & Kink is variable

*Rates for approximately 2 hours of your time. Less time req’d lower rate

If you aim here, you will be on-track. It’s important (for us anyway) to have the same rates across the genders, a rarity in the adult industry. You can also ask the performers what they would charge. This is a very basic guide. If you are shooting kink content, consideration needs to be made for things like marking a performer and them not being able to work for a few days afterwards etc…


Get some dates together, a location, a willing and able crew (even if it’s just you) and your gear.

About a week before the shoot you need to send a Full Disclosure email, I can’t stress enough how important this is, or how often it is NOT sent. It could also be done via phonecall, though having it in writing is really beneficial to both parties.

You MUST cover:

  • Where the content will end up, or potentially end up. It is obviously really important the performer is completely aware of who and how their content will be viewed. Understand the importance of honesty and clarity here. You also need to take into consideration (and something that should be added into your recruitment emails) is that being 2016 and the internet, where we say things will go and where they end up can be different. As a producer you can have some control over this, though porn piracy is real and you need to make that clear to the performer as well.
  • That they must bring at least 1 form of current photo ID to set – this is non-negotiable.
  • How the performer will be paid; will it be cash, direct deposit or are you trading content?
  • What their EXACT requirements are for the shoot, who will they be performing with, what sexual positions (if any req’s)/ Do they need to use toys, or bring props?
  • What is the minimum they are required to do?
  • If you want that person to perform with another person? who are they? The Australian industry is small, it’s more than likely two performers will know each other. It’s also important to be aware that some people might not want to work with others.
  • What do they need to bring? Clothes? Lube? Props?
  • Are you doing an interview vid, are you doing bts stuff? Do they have control over what they are asked?
  • How many people will be on set? Are there stills sets?
  • When do they need to be STI tested and what exact tests do they need?
  • Time required onset (& roughly how long the shoot will take).
  • Do they have food allergies (given its a long enough shoot that you need to feed people)

As the Producer/ Director  you need to make sure your performers bring their FULL PRINTED OUT STI tests to set. You should ALWAYS need to give your performers the option to use protection – HERE is  Shooting_STI_req’s you can download and use as a guide. Remember a certificate to say you are tested will NOT suffice. You should also be aware that after you are tested you need to be in shoot lock down. Meaning, that you should not engage in ANY un-safe sex practices between the test day and the shoot day.

Again, this is a crucial step that is often overlooked, people’s health are in your hands and it is so important to insist on these standards on your set.

Coming up next week: On set, lets do this.

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