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October 1st, 2019 by lightsoutherncinema

We are happy to announce Lightsouthern will be throwing the spotlight onto our wonderful performers on ‘Performer Spotlight’ Blogs! We take a closer look at what makes ya faves tick!

Verde on set of Wanderlust for XConfessions

How long have you been involved in the Adult Industry, and in what capacity?

 I’ve been a Sex Worker since around 2012. My first experience in the industry was with a small, private escort agency. Shortly after, I started nude modelling and dancing in strip clubs. At first it was just out of curiosity and for the money, but when I realised how passionate I was becoming about the work, I quit studying science at Uni to pursue Sex Work full time. Since then, I have worked mostly in brothels, and occasionally working as a private escort. I’ve also worked in a massage parlour, which I absolutely loved. I’ve only just started making films this year.

Verde & Co-Star Stevie on set of Super Host pt1 for Lightsouthern

What has been your favourite shoot or scene to date?

I’ve only featured in 2 films so far, but my favourite was shooting for Erika Lust for her series Xconfessions (Directed by Michelle Flynn), which I starred in with my real life partner, Oliver! It was his first ever experience in the industry, and we are so happy that we got to do it together. It was an incredible experience that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. 



What do you enjoy most about performing?

 Aside from the adrenaline rush of performing a scene, honestly, I just love being on set with a bunch of like-minded creatives. Its so cool that in this industry we can just walk onto a set and be in good company. Everybody is open and friendly, we have great chats and laugh along with each other. I’ve never experienced that kind of instant warmth and connection in any other industry. Lightsouthern has made me feel so at ease and comfortable that I just know I’ve made the right decision working with these guys. I’d even come along to a porn set just to hang out with the crew and help run errands, its such a good time! 

Who are some performers you want to work with in the future?

At this stage, I just want to create more beautiful art with Oliver. What we made together with Lightsouthern & Erika Lust was just so magical, and the feedback has been so overwhelmingly positive that it kind of shocked us! I think we might be onto something here… Watch this space!

Is there any type of scene of fantasy you still want to do that you haven’t done yet?

I have more ideas than I have time to bring them all to life! Oliver is quite a talented drone pilot, and we love making home movies with our GoPro’s when we go off camping in the wilderness. In the future I totally see us making movies with the drone. Like could you imagine?! Other than that, I have always fantasized about being in a lesbian orgy with a bunch of other unshaven, wild, free-spirited hippie girls. I have this one particular fantasy where me and a tribe of hippie babes kidnap Oliver, take him out bush, tie him up, and have our way with him. What do you reckon, Oli?

Whats your favourite thing to do outside of the Adult Industry?

Disappearing into the wilderness with Oliver, whether its for relaxation or sport. We love snowboarding in Winter and mountain biking, hiking, and hitting the beach in Summer. We recently bought a camper trailer with the intention of taking it all around Australia in a few years time (art really does imitate life – this was exactly the plot for our film Wanderlust!). I’m also an artist, so I do a lot of painting and drawing in my free time. I occasionally sell prints of my art, and I love doing art swaps with my creative friends and other artists I admire on Instagram. Now that Oli and I have a house, I have thrown myself into gardening. I absolutely LOVE nurturing plants and bringing things to life. I love making terrariums too, its like creating your own little world in a jar. So cool!

Verde & beauittful partner Oliver onset of Wanderust

What is personally important for you to be able to show in your work?

Authenticity. I don’t want to put on an act for the camera; I want to be filmed in my most natural, blissed out, giggling, fun-loving state. I want to pause for lube or water breaks. I want to show us getting leg cramps and laughing through it, I want to be silly AND sexy. I want people to see my stretch marks and cellulite and imperfections, I want them to see my REAL orgasm face – its not always pretty! I want to be myself and show THAT to the world. I just want to have fun. That’s the joy of life! You’re not supposed to rehearse it and do it perfectly, you’re supposed to just do it. I want to bring that energy to the porn I create. 

What’s the hardest part of filming scenes?

The DIALOGUE, oh my GOD, THE DIALOGUE. It kills me! I can’t take myself seriously when I’ve been given a script or even a vague idea of stuff to say. I’m all about body language. I’m good at body language, but I couldn’t talk dirty to save my life. I can’t even speak normally while cameras are rolling, its terrifying. Why am I like this?! I have no problem with the entire world seeing me butt naked and fucking another person, but the minute I have to speak, it strikes fear into my heart like nothing else. That’s definitely something I need to work on as a performer!

Describe your first sexual experience and how you think that impacted on your sexuality? 

I always knew I was a very sensual person, and from a young age I knew I wanted partners to play with so I could nurture that side of myself, and nurture it in others, too. It was totally innate, and I was ripped to shreds by my community for it. I grew up in a very small country town and went to a Catholic school. Word travelled fast, and soon enough I was being bullied relentlessly for my overt sexuality, by my peers and even some of the adults in my life too. I gave my parents hell. It was not easy for them to raise me, because I was so adamant in my decision to pursue a sex life that I just wouldn’t listen to them or obey them in any way. To this day, I have problems with authority and I won’t be told what to do, because I’ve always felt that I know better. I know what is best for me – you don’t get a say in the matter so don’t even try it. Being told by my parents that I was not to have sexual relationships is what made me want to pursue them further. What is the most delicious, irresistible thing in the world? Forbidden fruit. I had my fill in my teens, and I still crave it to this day. That’s part of why I adore this industry so much – its a way for me to take my power back, while also being accepted, loved, and nurtured for who I am – a sexual being. Freud would have a field day with me!

What do you think determines and contribute to someones sexuality?

EVERYTHING. From your genetics, to your upbringing, your social circle, the media you consume, the company you keep, the music you listen to, the clothes you wear, the art you create, the books you read; EVERYTHING. Sexuality isn’t fixed, either – its fluid and it changes from time to time, for a lot of people. Some people are asexual and that’s valid too. Sometimes sexuality is innate, and other times it has to be worked on and consciously developed, like a skill. Part of what I love about human sexuality is that it is so vast and varied. ANYTHING at all can contribute to a person’s sexuality (or lack thereof). 

Where can you find Verde?

Instagram – @OliandV + @ verde_alyce




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