Performer Spotlight: Leo Embers

August 25th, 2020 by lightsoutherncinema

We love showcasing our fellow stars in the industry. Lightsouthern has been lucky enough to work with Leo on a few occasions. He is a wonderful, professional & respectful performer with a BIG future.

Get to know him right here…

How long have you been involved in the adult industry, and in what capacity?

I started escorting for the first time back in 2009 but took a break in 2012, which ended up lasting around 8 years. I recently returned to Australia and have dived back into making lots of fun and sexy content.

What has been your favourite shoot or scene to date?

My favourite shoot to date was one that I did with another content creator named Amber Leigh (@naughtyamberxox), and a photographer named Pic Puck (@picpuckphoto). We shot a scene where I got to play an innocent virgin visiting the beautiful escort for my first time. We all got along really well, and even had a game of condom volleyball going at one point!

Leo Embers, the hottest kid in town

What do you enjoy most about performing?

I love all the different roles I get to play, and the different fantasies that I get to bring to life.

Who are some performers you want to work with in the future?

Hold on, let me get my list… 

Daphne Dare, Jenna Love, Mad Tea Party, Amity Rose, Jessie Lee Pierce (also features right here on Lightsouthern), Ivy Sherwood Sashimi Shush, Little Evie Jones, Brittney White, Rae Lil Black, Bailey Jay, Lena Kelly, Nyxi Leon, Alina Lopez, Osa Lovely, Eva May, Lana Bee…honestly, this list can just go on forever.

Is there any type of scene of fantasy you still want to do that you haven’t done yet?

I would love to do a vampire scene straight out of Dracula, where the three vampire brides come to my bed and feast on me.

What’s your favourite thing to do outside of the Adult Industry?

I play copious amounts of video games and care for cute animals. 

What is personally important for you to be able to show in your work?

For me, it’s important to show the storyline. Yes, I am one of those weirdoes who watches porn for the storyline, haha. 

What’s the hardest part of filming scenes?

Getting into a good headspace, and staying there while focusing on your partner and the camera. There’s a lot of pressure to perform while on set, so getting an erection, then maintaining it throughout the stopping and starting of the shoot can be a real test of emotional stability. 

First sexual experience and how you think that impacted on your sexuality?

My first sexual experience was a fun one night stand with an older girl who had no interest in me outside of that hour. While that sounds cold, I think it helped me to appreciate that sex was something to be enjoyed and shared.

What do you think determines and contribute to someone’s sexuality?

I think our sexuality is a cumulation of our genetics, environment, and personality. Everything we experience and open ourselves up to gets mixed up together in the subconscious and bubbles up through our desires.  

Leo & Alexis Why (produced by lightsouthern) for

What’s your porno fantasy (something you want to film)?

I’d love to film a scene filled with gentle domination where I can get to portray my switch side. It may start with my Dom edging me, and making me beg for release, and then I could turn the tables and do the same to them until we finally fall on each other and seek our own pleasure in each other’s bodies.

Want to see more of Leo?

Professional scenes are featured on, (produced by Lightsouthern) &

Self-produced content on Manyvids –

Occasional nudes can be found on Twitter – 

Leo with Amber Leigh, pic by PicpucPhoto

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