Performer Spotlight: Dion Di Rossi

September 16th, 2019 by lightsoutherncinema

We are happy to announce Lightsouthern will be throwing the spotlight onto our wonderful performers on ‘Performer Spotlight’ Blogs! We take a closer look at what makes ya faves tick

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How long have you been involved in the Adult Industry, and in what capacity?

Over the past seven years I’ve worked as everything from erotic massage, escorting, performing, and more recently I’ve moved behind the camera as a writer, producer and director.

What has been your favourite shoot or scene to date?

My favourite shoot was the one I met my current partner on. We were shooting a film called Fuck the Fascism, where we have sex and then destroy monuments to colonialism across Europe and Latin America. So we had our first kiss on camera on top of the Bismark statue in Berlin while a bunch of tourists took photos which was hilarious and romantic.



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What do you enjoy most about performing?

The chance to travel and meet new people who want to create sex positive and creative community. Porn made it possible for me to live between London, Berlin and Barcelona for the past three years and counting so I’m extremely grateful!

Who are some performers you want to work with in the future?

I love Maria Riot but we haven’t had a chance to shoot together yet! Same goes for Caritia and Kali Sudra. And of course Annie Sprinkles if she ever came out of retirement, and Morgana Muses because I love older women.

Is there any type of scene of fantasy you still want to do that you haven’t done yet?

Living in Berlin means I have basically seen and done everything I am interested in/could imagine. But I’ve never had a lifestyle slave so if anyone reads this and wants to cook and clean for me – get in touch!

Whats your favourite thing to do outside of the Adult Industry?

I’m a somatic sex educator, bodyworker and sexual empowerment guide so I love helping women and queer people discover their capacity for sexual pleasure and find their agency. I also practice and teach sex magic, read tarot, and try and travel out of the country at least once a month.

What is personally important for you to be able to show in your work?

I’m mostly retired these days so in order to coax me back on set I need to be able to show something different. Something political, radical and sexy at the same time. Bring me your trans sci-fi scripts, tentacle horror films or witch and nun themed experimental p*rn and I’m in.

What’s the hardest part of filming scenes?

The stopping and starting is pretty hard. Also shooting out doors. I have gotten hypothermia and heatstroke in the name of catching a truly great shot in the past and no doubt will again!

Describe your first sexual experience and how you think that impacted on your sexuality? 

I think like most people, my early sexual experiences were experimenting with friends in childhood. Being able to experiment with other young people was really important because it let me explore consent, boundaries, different bodies and pleasure with people I trusted and who trusted me in a safe environment. And on a less sentimental note it also helped confirm that I’ve always been a massive lesbian who loves scissoring!

What do you think determines and contribute to someones sexuality?

Porn, access to sex education and messages we get from society and our parents at a young age are all key factors to building our sexuality as an adult. The more we talk about communication, consent, pleasure with the people in our lives, the more we can help create a society that values respecting peoples boundaries, pleasure and kinks – no matter how niche or non normative those may be!


Whats your p*rno fantasy (something you want to film)?

I love filming women and female sexuality. My next film is about the sexual rituals of medieval nuns – including group masturbation and self- flagellation 😉

Where can you find DION? Twitter Us PinkLabel.TV

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