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April 17th, 2013 by lightsoutherncinema

Hello Friends,

It’s been a rather large few weeks. We have shot 4 models this month already and have just washed our hands clean of all post production requirements. All models are paid up and I’m ready to move onto next week.

This is my last written post, I’m going to start video blogging my work and posting lightsouthern behind the scenes sneaks in the coming weeks. This will be way more fun for everybody and as I kinda like doing video and kinda hate writing sentences I think this will be a more accurate display of what lightsouthern is about…Plus, I’m going to the USA in 2 weeks.


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Ok so a quick point form, run down of whats been happening is:

1. I’m featured as a Guest Director on Jincey is using our “Aussie Lust” series which was shot for PVLocker. I love that this is happening. It’s extremely exciting to be affiliated with JPB, it feels more like home than any other studio I’ve worked for. So far it’s featured Keilyn, Taliah, Pheonix Knight, Lily and Petria. Go check it out!

2. My very first press release was written about Jincey, PinkVisual and my collaboration. For some reason they used Michelle Lust instead of Michelle Flynn, which was disappointing and confusing, and girl don’t like to be confused. Anyway, it could be worse.  It’s still very exciting. It’s here if you would like to take a look; BOOM

3. As you can see below we did a bunch of stuff with Annabelle Lee and Taliah Mac before they headed home to the states. Both amazingly sexy and intelligent women, shortly you can find Taliah’s stuff on ATK as well as, and Annabelle’s webcam and masturbation sets on here on ATK also.

4. I spent a beautiful morning hanging out with Lily for her shoots. We did her interview and second video on her bed. It’s very simple, but very sexy, all shot with natural light and minimal camera angles, I feel this is the epitome of what we are trying to achieve here. Lily even brought me breakfast. bless.


See ya on the other side of the lens very soon.

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