Lightsouthern To Release First Episode of ‘Super Host’ Sequel

February 11th, 2020 by lightsoutherncinema

Australian studio Lightsouthern has released “Bullseye,” the first episode of their pro-am series “Super Host, Pt. 2.”


“Super Host”‘s Blake Wilde and Jake Shy are back as the proprietors of a bed-and-breakfast whose kink is to spy on their guests. Jessie Lee Pierce, Violet Russo, Stevie Green and Stirling Cooper fill out the cast under the direction of Michelle Flynn.

“Bullseye” is billed by Lightsouthern as “a unique spin on the classic blowjob scene.”

“Stirling and Violet book a room for a casual romp, though they are being watched by Jake and what unfolds is a fun take on a done-to-death genre,” said a rep. “We always have fun with the scenes and try to make sure that they aren’t your run-of-the-mill. In Lightsouthern’s films you can always expect something surprising — and maybe even a few laughs.”

BG newcomer Violet Russo said that the project “was an incredible first experience on a feature set. I learned so much about working with a crew and co-stars. It was a pleasure to work with such a diverse, talented and experienced team.”

“Bullseye” available on Valentines Day, February 14.

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‘Bullseye’ Official Trailer

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