Jessie Lee Pierce & Stirling Cooper: Super Host’s troubled married couple

February 20th, 2020 by lightsoutherncinema

Lightsouthern’s release of Super Host pt1 saw Stirling get back at his wife with a questionable whiskey drinking incident. Next month on Lightsouthern we release ‘Swingers’ a foursome starring Jessie, Stirling and leading stars Blake Wilde & Jake Shy.

Our first release from Super Host pt2 we watch Stirling and Violet Russo in a naughty romp but what comes in Episode 2, is really what you are been waiting for.

Here is a glimpse from Super Host pt1 where Stirling and Jessie seem to have resolved their differences, but have hey really? Roll over #MAFS, you’re doing it wrong.

Blake Wilde & Jake Shy join troubled couple Jessie Lee Pierce & Stirling Cooper

Join Lightsouthern for the release of ‘Swingers’ from our film series Super Host – dropping March 2020

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