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October 22nd, 2012 by lightsoutherncinema

yep it’s another blog. I’m sorry. This wont be like the blogs you see everywhere. I wont be giving you my personal opinion on politics, sexuality or religion. This website is designed for the sole purpose to keep you up-to-date and informed of the current content production in Light Southern’s world, and to give Studios interested in working with me, a chance to view samples and get an idea of how we operate down here. I have set out to continue to give the world the Aussie sexiness that that we have all know, love and still crave. That’s it. I’ll give you a glimpse into the shoot days, pre-production, post production with video entries and behind the scenes pictures. Those who have been following my work in the industry for the last 6 years, know that I take my work very seriously, however, this will be a fun place to hang out and get the goods. Check in, see what’s going on, comment and if the mood strikes you, lets talk about possible future ideas, shoot themes, collaboration and new business ventures. If you are a studio, enjoy the site and drop me a line if you want to talk content  michelle@lightsouthern.com


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