First Time On-Set?

November 18th, 2019 by lightsoutherncinema

Whether you’re making your own content, or shooting for a professional Studio. Here’s some tips to make smoother for first time performers…

Never Ever, Ever, forget your Photo ID. Ever.

Wear loose clothing to set

You don’t need to arrive wearing your top notch Gucci get up. It’s better to wear loose fitting clothing (we heart trackies), so when you are naked there aren’t lines all over your body from bras & underwear (yep, this means turning up commando).

Don’t wear heavy perfume or aftershave

If you are shooting with another performer keep in mind that they may be allergic or potentially put off by heavy scents. Plus! you will usually be asked to shower before the scene anyway. Don’t waste your sweet scents.

Kristy, Stevie, Verde & Blake on-set of Super Host

Bring your own utilities kit

Your kit should consist of preferred lube, condoms, dams, mouth wash, wet wipes, sponges/ tampons, razors (if you shave). Do not rely on the producer to supply this stuff.

Be firm with your boundaries!

Communicate with your shoot partner and the producer. You should never engage in off-camera physical contact. Make sure you understand the requirements of the scene before you set foot on-set. (we go more in depth about LS’s practices HERE)

Kristy, Jake, Blake & Michelle on-set of Super Host

Turn your phone OFF! Or you buy the beers!

Can I bring a buddy to set?

You most certainly should never show up to set with extra people if you haven’t spoken to the director/ producer about it first. However you are entitled (especially on producer/ performer or content share) scene to bring a safety person. Keep in mind if it is not just you in the scene, there is a confidentiality issue with the other performer. Not all producers will be ok with another person if it’s a sex scene. Just ask the question!

Chloe B in the final frames of Momentum, Vol.3

  What NOT to say to your shoot partner?

“You’re not really my type”

“This would never happen in reality”

“Do you want to get it on, before the cameras roll?”

“So, tell me about your kids”

“Do you want to have a shower together?”

“I don’t need to see your sexual health tests, I trust you”

Sky & Laney Day on-set of Momentum, Vol.4

People w Penises

  • Relax. 
  • If your taking some medication to help with your erection, Don’t drink energy drinks or coffee while your on the medication. 
  • If your taking medication (on Lightsouthern sets, we insist on this), take it about an hour before we start shooting. At the 10 minute mark before the shoot starts, go somewhere private and get yourself hard. Nothing annoys the crew (and your co-performer) more, than waiting around for the talent to get an erection – manage your time and be ready to go. Whatever you want to do in this time, is up to you. But remember, this does not include any sexual contact with your co-performer off camera. 
  • Remember you are not there to ‘impress’ anyone. What impresses the crew, is that you do your job in the time allocated.


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