Film Festival Selections 2015

January 31st, 2015 by lightsoutherncinema

Lightsouthern is pleased to announce Momentum, Vol1 and Liandra Love have BOTH been selected in the CineKink program for 2015. This is a touring festival which begins in NYC and comes to Melbourne! So local folk can come and check out the films, we haven’t had a screening on our home turf yet. We are looking forward to being a part of the program!!

Offical trailer  – Momentum, Vol1!

We are also pumped that Liandra Love will be included in Switzerland’s La Fete du Slip Festival! In 2013 ‘Kara & Devon’ was screened also. I’m super proud to be affiliated with this festival, and wish I could be there!


Thank you to the Festival organizers for selecting work that tries not to take itself too seriously (ok, well except for Liandra Love, that is kinda serious). I hope it goes swimmingly!

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