AVN Expo & Awards

January 7th, 2016 by lightsoutherncinema

Team Lightsouthern flew the coup to go hang out in Vegas for the AVN Expo & Awards 2016. As you may know Lightsouthern was nominated for a couple of a awards, so we thought we would go, we heart a good party, right? It had been 8 years since Kristy and I had attended the show – so we wanted to go back and do it right.


We were clearing customs and I heard someone yelling my name, I obviously shat my pants for a second until I realised it was no other than Australia’s own Mia Maxx crew, also heading to Vegas to promote their toys. We saw them a little throughout the show and by all reports it was a success, so well done!

First point of call was to have conversations with Talent Agencies & find out how LA recruitment works, and who potentially is best fit for us. We found Armana Miller, had a cuddle and chat. What a pleasant creature she is, I’m very excited to work with her!IMG_4665

AVN is crazy, you kinda need air every hour to get it done, we got there early so we could talk to people before the crowds got in. In fact, that’s my hot tip for anyone doing business there. Beat the goddamn crowd.

We found our Virtual Reality partner in crime Travis, and headed over to the Panel,“Porn vs Erotica; Chasing that indie vibe”. My panel buddies were Alex Ladd (who is responsible for pretty much all adult cinematography in LA) and Magnus Sullivan (Gamelink & Marriage 2.0) both lovely, intelligent and passionate humans – I was super stoked to meet them, & be inspired by them. I walked away feeling content that we have such great spokespeople for our industry and that the stigma might actually change. At the end of the panel we met MORE cool people from Spark Erotic, who are doing some interesting indie erotica, so go look at it.


A highlight of the AVN experience was meeting a few of the Kink.com crew. I have been a fan of Kink for a long time, I love their business model and product so to meet key people in the company was a treat. First we headed over to their VR stand to meet Fivestar who is directing their current VR content and doing an amazing job, I could of spoken to them for hours, however the crowd were losing their tiny minds over the VR so got out of the way. We also met Bobby and Bryan from the Kink talent department and spent way too long perfecting how to say “aw yeh” in the Aussie accent – time well spent obviously. All perfectly down to earth and awesome people. we love kink.com

Other fun facts: Chaturbate had the best booth – they were chatting live from the show floor, it was interactive and fun, oh and we met Ron Jeremy – hilarious.


On the second day in Vegas we were graced with a lovely surprise from our mate, ‘ANNEKE’, ya’ll may remember her from the Abbywinters.com days, she was one of the models who came with us 8 years ago for AVN – a fitting reunion. Anneke brought the party, we went to the awards together & had a wonderful time hanging out.


Did we beat Vegas? Sure, we won some cash, Flynnie loves a gamble. Did we win awards? Not this year unfortunately –  of course it’s great to be nominated with some of the best in the business and have the mainstream acknowledge diversity.  It was kick ass time and we will definitely be back!

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