November 27th, 2012 by lightsoutherncinema

Hi folks!

Anneka. Ya’ll may remember her from fame as well as a consistent contributor to IFM and ISM sites (click on banners to go directly there) as ‘Wendy’. She’s back and we recently shot for We shot her at her house, one set was outside (the light was perfect, we had great bounce from the white walls and windows around her), the other was in her bedroom – which was sexy as hell. Anneka loves watching porn, so we incorporated that in the shoot. We also did a fun little interview where she talks candidly about her masturbation journey over the years. It was great to hang out with buddy again, and shooting her is just a dream, she can’t really do anything wrong.

The content is on its way to the yanks crew and I’m really excited for their feedback. So far they have been professional, respectful and courteous so I am excited about what we can do together in the future.


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