Alex Jones & Brock Cooper: Behind the Scenes chat with two very charming American Pornstars

March 19th, 2020 by lightsoutherncinema

Lightsouthern went to LA in 2019 to work with a stack of American stars. Two of which were Alex Jones and relative newbie to the professional scene Brock Cooper. What an absolute pleasure these guys were. It was Brock’s first professional BBG scene and while he was a little nervous, he showed impressive professionalism. He has a lovely nature, is easy to be around and we highly recommend him. Alex has shot a stack of scenes and was extremely comfortable in the shoot environment, he took direction like a boss, was respectful and I think everyone fell a little in love with this dreamboat by the end of the day.

In Australia we have a real shortage of male talent. From our experience Male talent (there a few exceptions of course, namely Leo Embers, Luc Dean & Taylor) on-set behaviour has little to be desired, so we were slightly apprehensive going into this shoot day. BUT, Alex and Brock were mature, professional, fun and respectful. It did make us wonder, what are we doing wrong in Australia that we can’t find male talent like this?

Thanks Alex and Brock! You are superstars PLEASE come to Australia soon.

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