2019, Lightsouthern’s Year in Pictures

December 11th, 2019 by lightsoutherncinema

Starting steamy January off on the West Coast (Best Coast) of Australia and meeting Rubi Valentine for the first time & what a pleasant surprise. Check out her scenes HERE.

We have a stack of Rubi set to unload onto our Cinema – if you’re a fan join up.

Introducing Natasha Swift – TGirl Tash have shot two solos so far for Grooby.com & trust me, this is only the beginning for her.

Xara, Ella Venus & Daisy all completed super sexy scenes this year. We had a lot of fun meeting these ladies & cannot wait to work with them again!

Amber Leigh graced us with a few appearances this year. This woman is a dream. We love hanging out with her and working with her. One of the debut Aussie performers to feature on Girlsway.com. Here she is with the ever so entertaining stunner Charlotte Star.

Madison Missina and Lightsouthern spent the year travelling the country interviewing and ‘testing’ potential male talent. We are happy to announce the system we created is a success. Lightsouthern have added three new ‘tried & tested’ males to our database. Introducing Tom, Chase and Leo Embers.

Violet Russo knocked out a few killer scenes this year. Getting witchy in her solo for TheLifeErotic.com we made a huge mess. Worth it. It always is with Violet.

Super Host pt1 was released on Lightsouthern CINEMA & fans went ape shit. Part 2 is set for release early 2020.

Charlotte Star and Director Michelle spent a lot of time together this year, and it was awesome! Charlotte made her debut on Girlsway.com & FantasyMassage.com. Then Lightsouthern and Charlotte teamed up to produce a new sexy film series direct from L.A – these scenes will be dropped soon exclusively on Lightsouthern.com 2020. Check out the sneak peak below!

Jessie Lee Pierce shot a fun scene with Madison for Girlsway on a pool table. It was not shit. We really had a fun time following scripts and producing theses scenes, and we love JLP!!

Introducing mega babes, River Ivy & Alexis

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